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YouTube Fashion Channel

Rey Vanderbilt and Aron Bijl on YouTube

We will soon be starting to record and publish the first clips for our coming YouTube fashion channel. We, Aron Bijl and Rey Vanderbilt, will be discussing many topics there, as well as giving you “behind the scenes” looks at our lives trying to build up Vanderbilt Bijl. And undoubtedly we won’t resist giving our opinions on current events and who knows what else. So maybe YouTube fashion channel doesn’t fully cover what we prospect to do.

So what’s our plan?

The format of our YouTube channel isn’t set yet, as we want to find out together with you, our audience, what you would like to see and what we would like to create. One thing you can be sure of: We like to say what we think. After all, communication makes little sense if you can’t even be honest. That means no holding back, no euphemisms and no censorship. In short: Fun! 🙂