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“How to Dress Up, not Mess Up.” | The Vanderbilt Bijl Style Guide, part II: Color Psychology

In this Style Guide chapter: The effects of color on psychology

In this second part of the Vanderbilt Bijl Style Guide, we take a closer look at what is known as color psychology: Color psychology describes the effects different colors have on our affect and general arousal. In addition, it studies what associations people have with certain colors and tries to find common patterns herein.color-psych

It is worth it to realize then that the colors you wear are going to affect the first impression people have of you. And we all know how much influence the first impression has on further interaction.

What do you portray?

Did you know that black is associated with authority and sophistication, but also with evil and coldness? What decides whether it’s evil or sophistication people perceive? All the other factors that influence a first impression: your general look, the other colors you wear except the one in question and of course your demeanor. Take a look at all the color associations:

color psychology

Obviously, a lot to take into account! We’ve combined all the information on color in an e-book version of the Vanderbilt Bijl style guide. As the series continues, we’ll add it to the guide.

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