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Love that timeless military style?

Double breasted jackets with shiny buttons, fine wool, fitted designs. At Vanderbilt Bijl we love classic military inspired attire (not the wars associated with them!), so we went ahead and created a collection of outfits which were all inspired by that classic military style of the 19th century. From the Napoleonic wars to the War between the States, military attire in those days had a timeless quality about it. We strive for the same, with a contemporary twist of course. Check out the collection!
Timeless pieces

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Welcome to Vanderbilt Bijl’s online fashion store. At Vanderbilt Bijl we believe in beauty. Not the dense twisted & superficialcharlie vanderbilt bijl golden ratio univbersal beauty kind, but true, universal beauty. Universal beauty with, classic design that is timeless, but with a contemporary twist. Call it neoclassical.

Did you know beauty has an actual number? Just do some research on “Phi” on the net and you will discover what we mean; the golden ratio. That also led us to decide to create all our products with sustainable methods and eco-friendly materials in mind, a mindset that is indispensable in today’s world.

Universally timeless beauty, on the inside and on the outside is what all evolution naturally gravitates towards. Indeed, the former is a solo task, but with the latter  — timelessness on the outside — we would be honored to assist you!

Warm Regards,
Aron Bijl & Rey Vanderbilt